Friday, April 13, 2007

13 things about Friday the 13th

This is the first Friday 13th of 2007!

It is believed that on Friday the 13th...

1. Eve tempted Adam with forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden (which is why the day is unlucky for men).

2. Cain killed his brother Abel on a Friday. (unlucky for siblings.)

3.. Noah's Ark set sail into the great flood (which is why the day has become unlucky for sailors).

4.. G-d toppled the Tower of Babel and caused men to speak in different tongues (which is why people get scared and confused and have trouble communicating on this day.)

5.. The Temple of Solomon was destroyed. (a day of bad luck for Jews).

6. Judas was the thirteenth guest at the Last Supper and

7. Christ died on the cross that same Friday. (a day of bad luck for Christians.)

8. Friday was originally sacred to the Fertility Goddess Frigga or Freya. When the Norse and Germanic tribes converted to Christianity, the Goddess was banished to a mountaintop and called a witch. It is said that every Friday she met with 11 other witches and the Devil (a total of 13) to plan ill fated events for the week ahead for the people who had abandoned worship of her. (bad luck for ex pagans!)

9. Fear of Friday the 13th is called friggatriskaidekaphobia.

10. In Greece, Spain, and Argentina, Not Friday but Tuesday the 13th is believed to be bad luck.
En martes, ni te cases ni te embarques, ni de tu familia te apartes. (on Tuesday, don't get married, don't start a journey, and don't separate yourself from your family).

11. On Friday, October 13, 1307, agents of King Philip IV began arresting the Knights Templar.

12. There are more traffic accidents on Friday the 13th and billions are lost in business because of superstition.

13. Friday the 13th is lucky for the WITCH :) and that luck can rub off so say hi to your local witch today and bring some good luck your way. Can't find a lucky witch to nuzzle up to? Ok, then press some cinnamon powder between your palms for good luck and chew on a bay leaf for protection and to ward off ill will. Drink Earl Grey tea (contains the sacred herb of Bergamot) for safety in travel.

Blessings and happy Friday the 13th!

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BecK said...

Great TT!

Somebody else did a Friday 13 list...but not the same as yours!

BecK said...

kristens crazy world
Here's the link to the other TTer who did Firday the 13th...


Lexa Roséan said...

thanks Beck :)
It's a good one!

The Rock Chick said...

Interesting list!!! I wonder why it's Tuesday the 13th in the other countries....(hmmm...sounds like another TT idea!) :) Your blogs are very interesting! I check them quite a bit--always learn something new!!!

Happy TT- Jessica The Rock Chick

Lexa Roséan said...

Hi Jessica
thanks for your comment and wonderful feedback. Tuesday the 13th is unlucky because Constantinople was invaded by crusaders on Tues Apr 13 1204 and then again on a Tues in 1453 it fell to Ottoman Turks. So Tuesday the 13th represents the fall of the Byzantine Empire and one of the richest Christian cities. (very bad luck for Christians and Greeks but pretty damn lucky for Muslims and Turks!)

Mercy's Maid said...

A girl I work with chose today (Fri. 13th) as her wedding day. The time she chose for the wedding to start was 3:01 in the afternoon. Do you know of any significance to the time she chose?

Lexa Roséan said...

Well it sounds like she is still playing with the 13 theme although why not make it at 1:03 then or 1:30 or 13:00 hr? It is possible that there was some astrological shift at that precise time but that would depend on the month/day/year of the event. Was this wedding today? Or at some other time?

Mercy's Maid said...

The wedding was today, but the time may not be related to Friday the 13th. She's having it at the grave of Petit Jean (you can look her up on wikipedia if you care to), and it might have more to do with Petit Jean than it does with the date. Just thought I'd ask. :) She's a little quirky anyway...her wedding dress is orange.

Mamma Mia said...

Friday the 13th has been one of the luckiest days my whole life. I have always felt it had something to do with my ancestors... could that ring true or just in my mind?

Mensch71 said...

Interesting list... I just returned from a funeral held today, Friday, the 13th. The ultimate in unlucky.

Martin said...

Nice list, didn't know all of that - thanks for the update! :P

Have fun!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Okay, a little late, but happy TT!

Sunrunner said...

Interesting list!

green witch said...

First, love your magikal ingredient book! use it almost daily!
happened into here looking for information on Friday 13th for a paper I'm doing.... interesting, albeit funny (I thought anyway, considering my personal beliefs)facts for me, so thanks for that as well.
Was wondering tho, I know that for souls such as ours, the 13th is not a bad day at all, but fo rhte life of me, I can't recall/find why.. any help you could offer would be appreciated.. not even sure if this site is still active, as the rest of the posts here are over a year old :)

Love and Light to all,

Green Witch of Wpg :)