Monday, March 12, 2007

Witch Dr on New York Public Radio

A few weeks ago, I let you all know that I would be casting a spell for political change and lending my magick to one of the Presidential Candidates. Are you curious as to who it is? Well then click here and listen to the audio recording at It's a great show and Witch Dr casts her spell after the report on the state of Florida joining the axis of evil and Derrick Beckles on coal mining and mountaintop removal. Comedians Brett Gelman and Jon Daly also stop by on the show. Check it out!

The show was originally aired on Monday, March 12th, on New York Public Radio AM820 at 8:00 PM. There is also a free podcast on iTunes and post audio of all shows at

Big thanks to Lauren Frey of Public Radio International for conducting my interview and asking me to participate in such an important way. Goddess willing, this magic will call attention to a candidate who really is able and willing to GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!


My Marrakech said...

oooh, how fantastic! NYPR rocks again!!!

Janna said...


Prometheus said...

Congratulations, Priestess. We sure need someone with peace high up on his/her agenda in the most powerful of offices.

Prometheus said...

Oh and heh heh.. Prometheus mentioned you on his blog.. heh heh.. in a light way. He hopes he hasn't offended the high priestess. He just couldn't survive a hex. Peace?

Lexa Roséan said...

no worries prometheus. I read it. very cute and I didn't take offense at all. In fact, it felt great and very loving to be mentioned on your blog. I like that you see me as a protective force.