Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wordy Wednesdays

Wednesday is associated with the Norse god Wodin or Odin, god of wind, excitement, words, and poetry. He is also a god of magic, war, wisdom, and prophecy. So powerful was his influence that the German word for Wednesday (containing his name) was changed to Mittwoch (mid week) by the Church fathers in an attempt to exorcise worship of Wodin.

Today is also sacred to the god Mercury. We can see his influence through the Spanish name for Wednesday - Miércoles. Mercury, or Hermes is the god of writing and communication. The alphabet and speech are sacred to him so you can see that today should be anything but wordless! It is the best day to work magick for creativity and success. It is also a wonderful day to have an important conversation or write a letter. In fact all kinds of writing are sacred on this day. It is also the best time to work magick to get another to call, email, or fax you. Here is the spell for that.
Take a piece of cotton and stretch it into the first letter of the name of the one you want to call. (for example, if you want Dave to call, shape the cotton into a D.) Now place this cotton letter near your phone, fax machine or computer. Surround the letter with a thin circle of dried fennel, oregano, dill, and caraway. These are all compelling and chatty herbs sacred to Mercury. Visualize the one you want to call and see him/her contacting you. This spell is very effective and can work within 10 minutes. Three days is the maximum time you should allow for spell to work.
Note: If you have had a fight with someone, this spell will not work. There is another version of this spell in my book Sexy Hexes that also includes a healing ritual before the phone spell. For more spells for Wednesdays, check out my book Enchanted Evenings.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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