Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Witch of the Month Mar 07

Allow me to introduce an amazing Wiccan HPS and dear friend: Mary is the perfect witch to honor for Oestera. First off, she's a Pisces with Aries rising so this is her birthday season. Her deeply creative and sexy spark stem straight from the source of the Great Mother and my experience of Mary is always a breath of fresh air and inspiration reminiscent of spring!

Mary Alagna began practicing Wicca in 1990, and is third degree Minoan priestess and witch. She has been living in Dublin since 2001. In the Emerald Isle, she walks the path of the solitary shaman and city witch. She lives in a cottage in a small square in Dublin city centre- a place that sits thus between the worlds. It has been remarked by many that the sounds of the busy city fade completely when entering the square.

Presently, Mary is working Athenian magic. Focusing on the achievement of her goals in education and personal development, she is training as a counsellor, healer and artist. She has learned to Listen with all her senses, and to help guide others back to themselves. She crafts spells and reads Tarot, and is available for consultations. You can find her walking in the moonlight, or by e-mailing her at


Palm Springs Savant said...

Hi Lexa...wanted to ask your thoughts if there is a time of day or day or week more magickal than others. about planning a web moment of magick sometime...when multiple bloggers all synch up and do something some day....could plan something sometime~

acwo said...

I like your blog very much
keep it up!

dragonfly183 said...

what a beautiful lady :)