Thursday, March 15, 2007

Beware the Ides of March

13 for Protection
all these ingredients can be used for protection. you can add them to bath water or a ouanga bag to carry. Some can be burned as incense and others brewed into teas.

1. sage
for general protection and purification of a space.

2. cedar
for protection and well being.

3. rosemary
wards off witchcraft and evil spells.

4. blueberries
protects children. to be eaten or stain hands and feet for protection.

5. henna
highly protective. stain hair or hands and feet

6. Lamb
highly protective when offered to gods as sacrifice and also when eaten. lamb's blood used to mark doors to prevent evil and angel of death from entering.

7. parsley
eat for protection from the dead.

8. Tiger's Eye
wear or carry to destroy plots.

9. vetivert
a root of power and protection.

10. Bay Rum
A cologne worn to ward off all forms of evil. (also brings good luck at the racetrack.)

11. Palm
take two leaves of palm and make a cross by cutting a slit in one. Hold it in vertical position and place the second frond through the slit horizontally to form the cross. Keep in a bottle of holy water to guard and protect. When serious protection is needed, burn the palm cross and pray the 23rd psalm.

12. Hickory
burn the bark or smoke meat in hickory. Inhaling the smoke brings protection and calm.

13. dragonsblood
this is a resin (from a tree) used to protect from evil and used to prepare ink for drawing magickal seals of protection. guards against sudden death.

information provided from The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients


Janet said...

Interesting list! I've been ordering scented oils from BPAL for awhile now and a couple have Dragon's Blood in them. I like it!

Dr. Fong said...

Sage is always a great place to start.