Monday, March 26, 2007

Magickal Monday #2

Palm Springs Savant asks...

Hi Lexa...wanted to ask your thoughts if there is a time of day or day or week more magickal than others. about planning a web moment of magick sometime...when multiple bloggers all synch up and do something some day....could plan something sometime~

Greetings Palm Springs
thanks for leaving this comment on the blog. It was so great, I wanted to make an entire post of it instead of just giving a quick answer in the comment section. Your suggestion of having a web moment of magick is terrific! I have also been gearing up to present some spells for web masters and bloggers as well. I'll check out the stars and get back to everyone about coordinating a magickal moment in real time online. So far, the closest I've come to this is with the casting of the magick full moon circles. The next full moon circle I will cast on the blog will be May 16. It's a full moon in Taurus, so if any of you need help with financial or emotional security - please check back and enter the circle to make your wish (by leaving a comment on the full moon blog post)! All these wishes will be blessed and charged by the Priestess (moi) and sent out with my own magickal prayers for each and every one of you.

Now I'd like to address your question about the days and times of the week. The most magickal times of the day are sunrise and moonrise closely followed by sunset and midnight (more fondly known as the witching hour). These times are considered vortexes of power and any magick done at these hours will be more effective. You will need to check online for your local area to find out when they occur in your timezone.

All the days of the week are magickal. Not one more than another although certainly each of us may have our favorite day and each day is sacred for a different reason as well. And that brings me to today which is MAGICKAL MONDAY! Some of you may have noticed that I am no longer participating in Mo's Manic Monday. Although I think Morgen and his blog are amazing, I just can't bring myself to go with the manic vibe on Mondays. I'm having the same problem with Wordless Wednesdays. Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, the god of communication and his day should be anything but wordless. I'll still be throwing in my 13 for Thursday and I'll look around for some other memes that fit my magickal sensibility as I love participating with the group. Ah, Ok. Back to MONDAY. Ruled by the moon. Yes, of course it can be a day of lunacy and Mo is right on track with his mania but it is also a day to focus on either waxing or waning elements of our lives. Today the moon is waxing or going towards full so we can do spells, magick, say prayers, or take actions to make something we love WAX FULLER into our lives. When the moon is WANING (this occurs one day after the full moon and continues until the new moon) we can take actions or work magick to wane or GET RID OF a negative element in our world. Since Monday is ruled by the moon, this waxing and waning system works best on this day of the week no matter what kind of issue we are dealing with. Traditionally Mondays are best for working with family, household, children, emotions, romance, psychic ability, finances, and getting rid of fear. I have a selection of spells to perform for each day of the week in my book Enchanted Evenings. Have a magickal Monday and stay tuned tomorrow for some tricks for Tuesday!

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Edward Wolf said...

May 16 gives us all something to look forward to.