Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Venus Retrograde

Dear Lexa:

First off, I have had several readings with you and absolutely love your work. Second, and the reason I am writing you, is the upcoming Venus retrograde. I have been reading some absolutely heinous things about what it may bring and was wondering if you could provide me some clarity. I am Libra, Taurus rising, Moon in Aries and Venus in Scorpio, my boyfriend is Scorpio, Leo rising, Moon in Gemini, Venus in Libra. It has always been a bumpy ride... but does this planetary arrangement mean we are about to capsize??

Thanks for everything,


Dear Á-J

Thanks for the kudos and your concern is understandable considering the planet heavily influences you. Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by Venus so you will be especially tuned in to all the subtle vibrations of this retrograde.

In general, romantic relationships can be strained when the planet of love trips the light fantastic a la Ginger Rogers*, just as communications are strained when Mercury the messenger goes through his backward motion. However, because Venus is transiting through Virgo, a healthy fight in couple's therapy could clear up years of bad air. This will be a great time to get to the bottom of things and figure out what has and what is going wrong and therefore you can prevent future problems. Look out though because as the planet moves back through Leo (Aug 13 - Sep 8), the egos take hold and we must take care not to let pride defeat love.

The saving grace of this retrograde is that when Venus transits through Leo, she will also be conjunct Saturn. This dance with big daddy is very favorable for forming long and stable unions. (Although marriage is not recommended during the retrograde.) The key is to be responsible in relationships and show up for the more serious issues in life.

Through your combined charts, it looks like you will have strong reactions to both the Leo and the Virgo aspects of this retrograde. The fire/air (Aries/Gemini/Leo/Libra) will be more susceptible to the Leo aspect yet the water (Scorpio) should respond quite well to the Virgo healing aspect. Will you capsize? It depends on how maturely you handle the challenges put before you during this period. Let's put it this way, the boat's gonna rock and it's definitely sink or swim time!

Here's a magickal life jacket to keep you afloat. Carve your names on a brown candle and anoint with lemon oil and pink glitter. Surround the candle in a circle of dried cranberries and light on Fridays during the retrograde period. Lemon and the color pink are sacred to Venus. Lemon is an oil of love and also used to cleanse and detoxify negative energy. It carries a strong healing vibration. Pink represents love and also stress reduction. Cranberries and brown candles are Saturnine and used to ground a relationship and keep it safe and secure. Bathe in fresh lemon juice and eat dried cranberries to infuse this energy into your auras. These ingredients create a magickal seat belt to protect you as you travel down the detours on that highway of love.

May Goddess bless all your endeavors of the heart with light!


p.s. Astrology on the Web has a really accurate, detailed, and positive description of the Venus Retrograde.

*She danced backwards and in heels!

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