Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I need help in the love dept!!please answer my question

Dear Lexa,
A couple of months ago I met a guy and we had been texting and emailing each other once in a while but never got a chance to hang out until just recently where it's pretty much become a sexual relationship. He works in the nightlife, is surrounded by women all the time and I just want to have him for myself! I've never had this type of situation and i really do like him. Is there any kind of spell to make our relationship flourish into something deeper....or i guess, if worse comes to worse at least something to keep the relationship we have?
Thank you!

Dear JLR
You need help in the patience dept!!! The fact that you sent me the same question over 3 times in separate emails has honestly ANNOYED me! It does not give me a lot of faith in your patience to sustain a relationship or even the realistic workings of the kind of spells you would have to work in order to bring positive change into this situation.

You ask for change but yet say you are willing to keep the status quo. Which is it? For magick to be truly effective, we must be committed to it! If you want to arrive at a certain destination, you cannot keep turning round in the road to revisit a place you have already been.

Now if you want to keep the relationship going as it is, I suggest using aphrodisiac foods and herbs such as oysters, celery, mint. (For a full list, you'll need to consult my book The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients.) Yes, you will need to cook for him and infuse these things into both of your diets. You will also need to make constant offerings to Aphrodite and/or other goddesses of sexual delight and passion.

With regard to the larger goal? I am not exactly clear about what you are asking? Do you want him to quit his job in "nightlife" so he will not longer be "surrounded by women all the time"? Is there something he has done to make you doubt that he can (or wants to be) exclusive with you? If so, then you are treading in dangerous territory, especially if you attempt to do magick to try and control him and his will. This type of magick often backfires.

There is a candle spell that can be prepared (it can be ordered through my website) to help a relationship develop deeper. One can also petition the love goddess Erzuli for such matters. She loves pink, roses, melons. You can also work with red figure candles (one male/one female). Rub the candles with a love oil of rose, lemon, and musk and burn them for 10 minutes for 7 nights. Each night move the candles closer to each other. On the last night (which should end up on a full moon) let the candles be touching each other and melt completely into each other. Also on the 7th night, let the 2 candles burn to completion. Each night you must sit in front of the candles while they are burning and visualize how you would like the relationship to develop so that you can get closer. You may also petition the goddess for help in this matter. For many more love spells addressing this issue and other matters in love, please refer to my book The Supermarket Sorceress's Sexy Hexes.
blessed be and please remember to be patient. Bewitching as love spells may be, the immediate results of Samantha Stevens and her nose twitching are the stuff of tv sitcoms and magick does not always work that way in real life. Magick is the witches' form of prayer. Not all prayers are answered but that doesn't mean we shouldn't keep asking/praying for what we want. However, I caution you, that if you work spells, the way you send emails, it is an indication that you have little respect for or trust in the powers that be. Do not bombard the gods with your requests. (nor should you bombard the W.D.) Have a little faith and trust that your request has been heard and will be answered in good time. May the goddess bless you with true and lasting love.

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rawgoddess said...

Sound advice Lexa, seems to me the best love magic is the one you preform on yourself mostly because when your confident and happy people are naturally drawn to you. If this guy is playing with her mind that much is he even worth it? Sounds more like obsession then love.