Thursday, May 31, 2007

Void of Course

Hi lexa,

Ok so I really goofed. I'd been so focused on something in regards to
getting spell stuff together and I had it all planned out. Then I go and
get the spell together, feeling very powerful and then let it be only to
discover five minutes later the freakin moon has been void of course since
1:11pm 10:11am my time. OMG have I totally gone and screwed myself? What
do I do? In all my years doing spells I have never forgotten to check the
moon phase. Oi! Any advice you can offer me and anyone else who might have
goofed up and done something like this. Oh I feel like Aunt Clara on
Bewitched being all absent minded and all. Thanks for anything you can tell
me Lexa!


This Generations Clara (at least I feel like it)

Dear Clara
Well, this is not so good but certainly not the end of the world. For those of you who are not familiar with this issue, the moon changes signs every 1 to 2 1/2 days. Sometimes it floats in kind of a nowhere zone before entering into the next zodiac sign. This is the void of course period. It's kind of like the stretch of highway between two important exits. When you work a spell during a void of course moon, your magick may be weaker or less focused than had you waited to do the spell when the moon transited firmly into the next sign. It may also be an indication that you have some ambivalence about the wish you made. Often though, the spell will just kick in more powerfully once the moon sets it's course. I have seen similar effects while working Mercury magick while the planet is retrograde. It seems to have no effect, but then once Mercury goes Direct, the spell kicks in. You might wish to reaffirm your spell tomorrow on the Blue Moon just for good measure. In my opinion, a void of course moon is a minor setback that can easily be overcome. What you want to watch out for are the eclipses. Spells conjured during an eclipse can be dangerous and will often backfire. So don't sweat it and just take some extra time tomorrow night to set your magick back on it's proper course.
blessed be


Anonymous said...

Hello Lexa,

I am kinda in the same situation. I am trying to collect my unemployment check and I was going to do your spell today, but it said that the debt spell should be done on tuesday and today is thursday. So when i called to find out what was taking my unemployment check so long. The woman told me that she would have to send it to the office of appeal or something like that and they would have to make a decision(my statment is different from the company that I worked for). So what can I do as of right now so that they will favor me in receiving my unemployment check.

Lexa Roséan said...

When I suggest that this spell be done on a Tuesday, that means it is the best day for work but does not mean it can only be performed on a Tuesday. Also be aware that tonight is a full moon and a blue one at that! This energy would supercede All! So go ahead and work a collect debt spell along with a fast luck spell tonight for a speedy resolution.

Anonymous said...

I already did the collect debt spell, and I was wondering about the fast luck spell. I have a small sore on my leg, do you think I could just put it in a bag an carry it with me until my leg heals.

Lexa Roséan said...

I have a fast luck spell on my website. However, I am confused about your question. What do you want to carry to heal your leg? I hope you have seen a medical doctor to check it out!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking that the spices would irritate my sore if I got into the bath. So what I did was put it in a very large pot and poured it over my head and air dried. The spices did not brother my sore like I thought it would. but I still but the spices in a greenbag and put it in the moonlight for luck for money.

Lexa Roséan said...

I see. Sorry I misunderstood. It sounds like you did the right thing. In general, do not put herbs, oils, or magickal ointments directly on the body when you have open cuts or sores. The greenbag is the traditional way to carry the herbs for money as well.
blessed be