Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Pics from Beltane Festival

Here are some highlights from the 14th Annual Beltane Circle in Wantagh Park.
thanks to nancy venus, john callow, and all the witches of the Copper Cauldron
for putting this amazing Beltane event together!

the musicians

the bellydancer


Wendy Dann gave a children's workshop on How to be a Fairy.

Peter the Druid, Dawn Hunt, and Lexa gave workshops for the adults.

Nancy Venus taught us something new too.
Did you know why there are so many June brides?
Because they all get pregnant during the fertility rites of May!!!

The faires dance and bless and cleanse us
with the four elements.

when the sun is in Taurus...
it is best to use a BULL horn to cast the circle

Lady Venus (Nancy) calls Lady Venus (Lexa)
to bless the circle with the element of air.

Mmm smells sweet...

the Spiral Dance begins

The May Queen and King are chosen

the Lord of the MayPole has a look of serenity.

There were many hunky Pans in the woods this Beltane

Pagans Feast

the day ended with a gorgeous sunset :)

Happy May!


Anonymous said...


I was wondering about getting a tattoo. But my mom has an issue with me if I get a tattoo. I have been thinking about getting a tattoo of my astrological chart on my left side. What do u think about tattoos? I would really like to know your opinion.

Lexa Roséan said...

Hi A
thanks for your question. You are probably going to be disappointed to find out that I agree with your Mom! Why get a tatoo? And of all things, your astro chart? Seems kind of redundant. You already are your chart and so much more! I say this because your chart progresses and moves as you grow and change, so untimately, the birth chart is only a reflection of your history and not of your development.

I know that many pagans consider tatooing sacred and it is a big part of many ancient initiation rites. I have a differing opinion. In my eyes, the body is our sacred temple and a tattoo is a desecration of that sacred space. I also had a friend who died from ink poisoning and an infection resulting from a tattoo. So PLEASE BE CAREFUL and choose a safe and licensed person to give you a tattoo if you decide to do it. But my advice is to listen to the wisdom of your mother!
blessed be