Thursday, May 03, 2007

Full Flower Moon Circle

I cast a circle on this post. I bless and consecrate this post as a magickal space of power and all who offer comments here shall be empowered with strength and transformative energy to help your dreams come true. By the power invested in me as priestess and witch I hereby summon stir and call upon the mighty ones of north, east, south, and west to bless and protect this circle post.

Hail, the power of the green earth to bring you healing, grounding,
material well being, protection, and prosperity.
Feel the power of the winds and may they grant you intellect,
inspiration, success, communication, friendship, and creativity.

Behold, the power of fire to fulfill your strong desires, to excite and fan
the flames of passion, and create more energy, ambition, and drive.
Here is the power of the ocean waters to bring peace to our planet and grant us a better flow. May they bestow treasure, fertility, abundance, and love upon you.

O ye mighty ones of the four quarters, I summon and call upon you to be with us here to guard, protect, and empower this circle.

I invoke the power of the mighty eagle to give you who enter here the freedom to soar. I summon the power of the serpent for you who seek change or the power to shed a skin or an old way of being. Hail, the power of Asclepios and his twin serpents who bring spiritual, emotional and physical healing. The power of the Serpent also brings protection, power, knowledge, wisdom, and insight. The Serpent rules the kundalini chakra and awakens our ability to feel and trust our instincts. The Serpent rules sexual healing and rejuvenation. And lastly, I invoke the power of the scorpion for those who must let go of poisonous ways in order to live fully. These three are the totems of Scorpio and rule this full moon upon us. May their power serve and guide you well.

I call upon the triple Mother Goddesses - Rhea, Diana, Astarte - Be With Us Now.

All witches know that on the Full Moon
the Goddess will grant us each a boon.
Post your magickal wishes and goals in the comments section before May 4 2007 and they will be granted by the Goddess. So mote it be!

Happy Full Moon!!!


Lady Lillith said...

O great goddess
grant me the power to reveal my true self and not be afraid to trust those I love. help me to shed this ego and it's old defense mechanisms that imprison me and this bud like a tight knot around my heart that refuses to open. Let me bloom fully and not stand in the way of reaching my full and fabulous potential.
thank you and praise you!
so mote it be!

girlskickass said...

In the name of Hecate I pray that my endeavors in business, writing and romance be blessed with love and light. May my dreams come to fruition and the creations that come be Divinely inspired with the help of Lady Venus on this full moon.

So Mote It Be!

Anonymous said...

O great Goddess,
I pray that my endeavors in tango, business, and romance be blessed.

So mote it be!

Anonymous said...

I pray to meet the perfect partner for me, get married and to give birth to my first child. May all blocks be removed, may all issues be healed, may I have clarity as I embark on my realizing my deepest desires now in my life. I am healed. I release all fear. I am ready to love and be loved. I am ready to be a mother. I am ready to have a family. And it is so. And I am grateful.
Eagle Lady

ruby m. said...

בכוח הירח המלא של האלה
אבקש ממנה משאלה
אימא אלוהים אני יודע כי בחסדך המקסים
את מחוללת קסמים,את מחוללת ניסים
הביאי אליי את כל האנשים הנכונים שיקדמו את הקריירה הבינלאומית שלי כזמר
הלוואי וכישרונותיי יזהרו ויאירו את העולם
בדרך הכי בטוחה ושמחה הכי חיובית שאפשר
בלי לפגוע באף אחד
אמן סלה
Mother god, grant me a boon
By grace may you bring to me soon
All the "top people" that can be
The right professional people from the music industry.
To advance my career as successful international singer
Or something better.
May my talents shine and light up the world
In the most happiest safe positive way, harming none.

Amiad k. said...

Mother goddess, may you listen, and hurry now
Bring me and my mate and my pets and our family
Healthy and secure and happy so gladly
To our dream home, to our castle.
We long, to the place where we belong!
Bless us with lots of fast good luck
Open our road
Put us on track
Don’t let us loose the good we got.
May we be blessed with satisfaction :)
Don't harm anyone
In the most positive way
So be it

Anonymous said...

May all the many friends that have been so generous to me and myself be blessed with great prosperity through our creative efforts.

Anonymous said...

May I shed the fear and anxiety that prevents me from realizing my highest good and highest potential. May I go confidently in the directions of my dreams. May I find the perfect script consultant and producers/investors for my movie and go into production before the end of the year. May I find the best place and the best apartment for me on this earth at this time. May I heal my mind, body, and soul, and may I be prosperous in all my endeavors and be able to share it with others. Peace, love, and happiness to all. THANK YOU FOR ALL THIS NOW IS !!!

mnemosine said...

For a clear path on the journey, for true friends to care and be cared for, for prosperity and abundance, for the flowering of my potential, both through my choices and actions and the fertility of the earth, strength of the Sun, enough rain and that winds be gentle, wherein I've planted their seeds
So Mote It Be!

Rachel said...

I call upon Hephaestus and Athena, the god and goddess of the Arts & Crafts, Guide me to my dream job, something completely different, May it - use my creativity, benefit the community, be what I need in salary, be a twenty hour work week, be challenging to me. I am open to all suggestions, give me the signs, send me to my dream job, in accordance with The Divine.

Anonymous said...

I pray for great health, happiness and love, and that i will be transferred to paris this fall!

The Plaid Sheep said...

May I be free of fear and doubt and may I be given the job that I desire so that I can work for what is most important to this world.

Blessings and joy to all.

Anonymous said...

Help me to release all which dies not serve me. Help me to trust in myself and my mental spiritual and physical abilities.

Anonymous said...

May I find happiness and stability in my life...

Anonymous said...

My Goddess,
Bestow blessings upon my cherished family & friends. Protect us from those who would do harm. Let me be open to health, happiness and prosperity. Allow me laughter and lightness of spirit.
Love, light & blessings to all

Amanda said...

May I honor the promises I have made to myself. May I exhibit commitment to my creative ambitions. May I find a mirror for the love I put out there.

Last night the moon shined so brightly into my window, I needed to close a shade that I never usually need to close at night.

I loved the blessing you offered in this post. I have no doubt I will come back to read it over again.

Anonymous said...

Great Goddess,

Bless my beloved children who are far from home. Keep them safe, healthy, and happy. May their endeavors come to fruition for the good of themselves and all others.

Bless the new child in our home with healing for her wounds. Protect her from harm both seen and unseen. Cover her in love and light.

Bless my partner with clarity, understanding, and compassion. Lift the anger from her heart and help her to let go of past injuries both known and unknown. Bless her with strength and love.

Bless those around us who are striving to improve their lives. Remove addiction from their lives and bless them with strength and courage to examine their paths and make choices that are true to their souls for their greatest good and the good of all others.

Bless me and my family with love, strength, abundant health, and financial prosperity. May we learn and grow together in harmony, in perfect love, and perfect trust.

So shall it be.

Anonymous said...

I summon the power of the triple Goddesses to bless me with a new job, to remove all the negative energy surrounding me, and to grand me protection from those who wish me and my family harm. From this day forward, I ask that all obstacles be cleared so that I may move forward in my career, and that prosperity and happiness rule my life and home. So mote it be.

Anonymous said...

O Great Goddess,

Grant me the power to sell my writings and paintings for a lot of money. Help me travel to far off places around the world. Help me loose 30 pounds this year, so I may become pregnant with a little boy this year. I pray for all the soldiers that they all may have a safe return home to their loved ones. Grant me more money that I may give to more to charities, the homeless, or anyone who would ask for help from me. Grant me a job that I will love for the rest of my life. Grant me knowledge, because I love to learn about new things. Grant my daughter to love other children and people and be without fear to follow her dreams and go to school. Grant me and my sister beautiful homes. Bless me and my family, friends, and enemies, love, health and financial prosperity.
So mote it be.

Anonymous said...

Bless me with gentle daily reminders that I have more to do in life, and with clear reminders that I am on the right path. Bless me with love that I can rely on and take strength from. Bless me with clarity, certainty, strength upon which I can build a loving family. Bless me by enhancing my lover's (and my own) tenderness, faith, and commitment to us, happiness in himself, satisfaction in life, and awareness of what we need, and ability to give more generously, and to make us stronger. Bless us all with a world of greater kindness and patience.

Anonymous said...

O Great Goddess

Pray for my family from the smallest to greastest, and nearest to the farest and my husbond who has high blood, and help me starting painting again and help my painting sell,and help me win the lottery and pay off my house and have enough to help my children.SO MOTE IT BE.

The Bell said...

Hail the Glorious Goddess!

I thank you for all that is of you, for you and with you!

May all my endeavors be the truest reflections of my highest-self, my goddess-self, and may these energies be translated, expressed and sent out into the world(s) to help restore the balance on Earth by elevating the goddess to her rightful throne.

I lovingly ask for your assistance in all manner of self-preparation, so that I may immediately attract my loving, intelligent, talented, creative, musical, progressive-thinking, experienced and accomplished business partner here in/to Nashville, Tennessee.

May this business partnership be swift and sure and blessed with all manner of support from all those whom come to us. We attract loving, talented, successful clients who embrace and relay their higher-selves, for the greatest good.

Thank you for the righteous, goddess vibrations which allow me, and those in my charge, the freedom to live as wildly successful recording artists, entertainer-performers, producers, entreprenuers, investors, writers, musicians, friends, lovers and healers.

This Is So. So Mote It Be.

Michelle said...

I call out for positive energy and power. I am looking for something to help out my husband. He just started a new job as an IT Account Executive (Sales). He is having a difficult time getting accounts established and orders actually purchased. What can I do to draw the positive energy into him so that purchases will start coming in (and quick.)?

Carol said...

Goddess bring forth my new life of love and creativity. Make it blossom. Blend it with the lives of my beloved family to secure all of us in peace and happiness. Make it so now. and in all incarnations yet to come.

Sarah said...

Great Goddess, Mother and Creator of all things: I ask you to help my friend Valmont to secure what he needs to save his home. I also ask that you help all of us in the animal rescue community to erradicate the euthanasia of unfortuante animals who lack loving homes. May NYC be a no kill city by the goal of 2010. That every animal know a life of love and kindness.

Anonymous said...

Great Goddess please help my mom get over cancer, my child to have a stress free rest of the school year, that I don't have to go to court over my health insurance, and that my boyfriend stays away from drugs forever and chooses postitive things to do in his life.
Please work for me and I will very grateful.

Anonymous said...

Great Lady,
Thank you for the blessing received from the blog's author. Grant me well-being in mind and body. Bless my aged mother as she faces surgery. Guide us to the perfect home.
Grant all requests of the seekers and thrice blessings upon all.
As above, so below.

Lisa Marie said...

Help me rise above my demons and Conquer them. (Alcohol and Laziness) So I can finally emerge as my own beautiful Butterfly, and finally Love myself First, - Then all Love will follow...
So Mote It Be...!

Anonymous said...

PLEASE help me get 100K soon. I need money money money. And please help me find a new business opportunity that I can be totally passionate about- so I can succeed in it!!! SO MOTE IT BE!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh Great Mother:

May you heal the undertoe of pain that has surface in my relationship. May you clear our path of resentment and anger. May the materialisation of our goals and dreams be compatible. Amen.

J said...

Ah, Blessed moment of the Three who love and guide us each day especially during this Lunar power, please shower my whole family here and now with the energy of positive communication, to bring us closer, to heal each other with all you bestow upon us. I ask this most humbly and always will worship and adore the powers that be. So Mote It Be.

Lexa Roséan said...

I am overjoyed and filled with love and warmth at all the beautiful messages left here and I know that the Goddess is smiling down on all of us and our requests.

I am visiting here to ask for blessings as well. Great Goddess please bless my new book series with JM and may my writing be deep and resonate with millions. Please bless our whole team with creativity and success and may the project come to a full prosperous and highly successful fruition. (as in - HELLO OPRAH!!!)
I also ask for the continued health, happiness, and protection of my loved ones and all the animals including my own dear PY. Goddess please continue to bestow your blessings upon my amazing life partner. May her work be inspired, successful, and prosperous and may our love flourish and bloom. I also ask that the wishes of all the visitors here be granted. Thank you and SO MOTE IT BE!!!

Anonymous said...

Please Goddess grant me the love that I desire and can choose. Also grant me happiness in life finacially, health,love, and to trully find happiness in all I do..So mote it be.

Anonymous said...

As I come to the end of my formal education and begin seeking a job, may good luck be with me. May I find a job that will be satisfying to me intellectually and financially. May I not forget to be humble and helpful to those who need help.

Aisling Morningsong said...

Great Goddess, Blessings be upon all who share this circle and upon she who created it. Blessings be also upon me as I now manifest my dreams of joyous romantic love and of positive prosperity...helping all, harming none. I give thanks for the gifts you have so richly bestowed upon me, and may I be a light unto the world. Amen.

Anonymous said...

May I have the ability to pay old debts and may debts owed to me be paid. I wish to purchase a home and be blessed with healthy children. thanks and blessings

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lexa for casting such a beautiful and thoughtful circle. I ask that everyone who has posted has all their requests granted and that I may find happiness in my life, especially in the love/partnership area and that all of my family and friends are blessed as well. Thank you

Nancy J. Bond said...

May the misty veil of insecurity and doubt evaporate so I may more clearly see the road ahead. Thank you.

chic_vegan_geek said...

I ask the Goddess to to please bless me with financial abundance and with a new boyfriend. Blessed be and thank you Lexa for casting this circle.

ana said...

Dear Goddess: I pray to have clarity in mu desitions. Grant me a job as an actriss. Bless me, my family and friends.HELP my mother.

Anonymous said...

To everyone...may i continue to have the blessing my friends and I are having this year.

That my true love will open his eyes, heart and mind in finding his way to me and wanting to be part of my daughter life and mine.

To heal the pain of my friends that have lost a love one. Give strength and joy to everyone who can not see the positive in everything that happens everyday of our lives.

Bless everyone this spring and all your hope, dreams and desires may come true.

sarah mizrachi said...

My goddess I thank you for guiding me in my life
I ask you to watch over me and my daughters and bless us with perfect health forever.
Mother, bless me too with wealth and prosperity and love
In the most positive way
Harming none
Sarah m.

Lexa Roséan said...

By the power invested in me as Priestess and Witch, I now seal this circle of power and release the energy up towards the heavens that it may then manifest here on earth! Hail and farewell all ye mighty ones and thank you for your presence and for guarding and protecting and empowering this blogcircle.

The circle is open but not unbroken. Merry Meet, Merry Part, and Merry Meet Again. Witches All - Our rite having ended, let us give thanks to the Glorious Ones who have graced us with Their Presence. I charge ye ere the cock doth crow, lock away all our mysteries in your hearts and may the Goddess preserve the Craft! Blessed Be. SO MOTE IT BE!

Thank you all for participating in this magick circle and may all your wonderful wishes come true. For those of you who didn't get to comment while the circle was cast, or for those of you with another wish in mind - BE AWARE - that the BLUE MOON is coming on MAY 31. The Blue Moon is the second full moon that occurs in the same month. It is very powerful and a time of miracles. I will cast another circle for the Blue Moon so come back on May 31 for the miracle moon circle and leave another wish!
love and light

Anonymous said...

Bless me and my family with love, strength, abundant health, and financial prosperity. May we learn and grow together in harmony, in perfect love, and perfect trust.
Keep my children safe, healthy, and happy with knowledge and wealth and successful always. May their endeavors come to fruition for the good of themselves and all others.
Grant me more money that I may give to more to charities, the homeless, or anyone who would ask for help from me. Grant me a home in goa and in mumbai where i can get all the happiness and may my desires get fulfilled. Grant me knowledge, because love to learn about new things.I am healed. I release all fear. I want to collect all my money which i have lend to others.hope they are generous to return my money.
Let my mothers dreams and desire get fulfilled this year itself.

So mote it be.