Thursday, May 03, 2007

13 flowers and their magickal meanings

1. Magnolia
Ruled by Venus. Love and Devotion. Flowers under the bed keep a relationship faithful. In the garden brings love and devoted friends and family into the home.

2. Lilac
Ruled by Venus. Purification and Protection. Plant to keep evil off the property. Fresh flowers in the home ward off ghosts. Bathe in the flowers for spiritual renewal.

3. Peony
Ruled by the Sun. Very protective. Plant in the garden to protect against evil and destructive storms.

4. Rose
Ruled by Venus. White are for purity. Yellow for friendship but also jealousy. Pink for friendship and romance. Red for passion and deep abiding love. Roses are also used for healing, removing obstacles, divination, and protection. My favorite are pink and red.

5. Snap Dragon
Ruled by Mars. For protection, energy, desire and creativity. Hold the snapdragon and pass over your body to get rid of negative energy sent to you.

6. Orchid
Ruled by Venus. Pyschic powers, love, power.

7. Poppy
My favorite are orange. Ruled by the moon. Poppy makes you sleepy and brings psychic visions and dreams. It also holds the power of fertility, love, money, luck, and invisibility.

8. Tulip
Ruled by Venus guards against bad luck and poverty. Brings love, luck, and money.

9. Violet
Ruled by Venus Brings protection, peace, wishes, luck, love, lust.

10. Linden
Ruled by Jupiter. Protection, healing, immortality, luck, love, sleep.

11. Sunflower
Ruled by the Sun. Fertility (eat the seeds), health, love, luck, wishes, wisdom, and happiness.

12. Freesia
Ruled by the Moon. Innocence

13. Oriental Lily and Tiger Lily
(can you guess that orange is my favorite color!) Ruled by the Sun and Venus. Majesty. Strength. Pride.

What's your favorite flower and what do you think it's magickal meaning is?

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Nancy J. Bond said...

What a great idea for a T13 list. One of my favorite flowers is the Gardenia, and I'm unsure of it's magickal meaning, though I believe it may have healing power? It smells divine.

Qtpies7 said...

Poppies are my "birth flower."
I love magnolias.

Lexa Roséan said...

ah what was I thinking! how could I have forgotten gardenias! thank you Nancy for including them. gardenias open the soul and reveal the sweetness within. they are sacred to the power goddesses and ruled by the moon. they are used for healing and love and hold the highest of spiritual vibrations.