Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lily Belle Comes Home!

Here's an update on the missing kitty Lily Belle:

Thank you for all your prayers and efforts for Lily Belle! Lily Belle came home late Friday night/early Sat morning. No obvious bleeding or gashes but it is painfully obvious that some great trauma occurred. She is not herself at all. Normally the friendliest of all our cats, she is avoiding everyone and hiding in the woods. She is totally skitzed out, with wild starting eyes and is not responding to verbal communication. I am beyond worried. Thank you so much for your concern and help! A few more prayers would be truly appreciated.
Blessed be,

Great Job Readers, but as you see, she still needs some more spiritual energy to calm down. Thanks for all your help. Dee, I suggest placing some lavender around the house to calm her spirit.
blessed be

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