Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Ask Demeter

Hello...My name is Rya and I've started working on a project blessing sacred land that has been over run by corporate greed and corruption. I've found many blessing spells but not something as specific as land blessing. From one wise-woman to another...do you have any advice for me as to how I may go about this in the most efficient way?
Thank You!

Greetings Rya
I think the best approach would be to address the Earth Mother directly and ask for her help in blessing the sacred lands. I would suggest working with the Demeter chant and to do it on the sacred lands. If this is not possible, at least you should visualize the land while chanting or have pictures or soil from the property on your altar. The Demeter chant is done by breaking down the syllables of her name and chanting them. A cone of power is built up as the syllables are added until her complete name is sounded. The name is chanted until the energy reaches a peak and then it is released. Arms should be raised into the air as the energy is released. Immediately following the apex of the chant and release, the hands should be placed on the earth to ground and center and return energy to Her. Here is how the syllables are divided while chanting: D De Dem Deme Demet Demete Demeter. But the actual chant sounds more like: Da Dal Dalm Dalma Dalmat and then quickly escalating into DemeterDemeterDemeter.
good luck and blessed be.

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