Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sunday Sermon: Do Witches Worship the Devil?

I have been getting interested in Wicca and i purchased the book you wrote called the encyclopedia of magickal ingredients. i am hoping that wicca isnt something to do with satan or any devil type worship. in this i seeked you so i could get a second opinion on wicca. if this isnt a satan practice then i will be intrested to go further so what i am trying to say is this, could you give me some knowledge on wicca and aitchcraft and give me more info on this magickal practice.

your intrested fan


Thanks for the question GQ. I encourage you to take the time and watch the instructional video below. Demystifying Paganism dispels the negative stereotypes about Wicca. I don't think I could have put it any better. Bravo Rev. Younger!

GQ also asks...
Would going to the library and checking out books on witchcraft be a good source to learn more and one other weird question is,since i am a boy would i be considered a warlock?

Lexa answers...
Yes, the library is always a great idea but you might also want to see if there are some pagan gatherings in your area so you can experience the energy of the craft and Goddess worship. The word Witch can also be used for men. Many male Wiccans prefer not to use the word "warlock" because during the Inquisition, the warlocks were the ones who named names and betrayed other witches who were then burned at the stake. Yikes!


Anonymous said...

That was great. And the fact that it was a Reverand supporting paganism and demystifying it. He was blunt and to the point, I love it. I wish I could carry this video with me daily so people could watch it when they ask the same questions about paganism. Thanks for posting this Lexa.

Autumn said...

Thanks for posting that video. The Rev. was very interesting and hopefully his message will be heard by those who need to listen.

Edward Wolf said...

Can't believe I watched the whole 23 minutes. However, it answered a lot of questions I have long wandered about.

Thanks for posting this.

Unfortunately, the very people who most need to hear this will never sit down long enough with an open mind to even consider the message.