Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sandcastles for Summer Solstice

Do you like to build Sandcastles?
Okay then click on the link above and visit this really cool site. It will be even more fun, if you build a sandcastle with the kids. I built this one with my five year old niece. Our original castle was actually a lot bigger at first but we had to prune it down so that we'd have some of the beautiful coastline left to view. (too bad most developers don't keep that in mind as well.) Anyway, the sandcastle site is easy and fun to use. Just point and click to change colors and resize your sandcastle. It's easy and fun and when you are done, you can send ecards of your castle to family and friends. After all this virtual fun, you can browse around and find some help to plan a REAL vacation on some fabulous beach resort. Today is the Summer Solstice and midsummer has officially begun. Go on out and build the sandcastle of your dreams! You can also check out the gallery of sandcastles. There were some pretty cool ones. My favorite was Ghosty's Castle. I think I'll revisit this site with my architect and come up with something really cool.

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Palm Springs Savant said...

Hi Lexa- I love neice loves them too. btw- have I told you lately how much I enjoy your blog?