Friday, June 19, 2009

wronged but want to do what is right

I have a question. I firmly and totally believe what goes around comes around and would never wish harm on anyone or anything. That being said, how can you hope someone or ones get their comeuppence for doing you wrong and spreading hurtful demeaning lies and rumors around the community that people are believing and having ruined my honest and once upstanding reputation?

There are many spells to stop gossip and to to regain a position or reputation that has been lost. The most popular one is a candle called Tapa la Boca or Shut Your Mouth. It can be purchased in most well stocked botanicas. This candle is burned to stop the person or persons from continuing to do damage through speech or actions.
There is also a spirit known as Nebiros who helps one restore honor or regain a position that has been taken. His seal or signature used to draw him down along with instructions can be found in the Goetia or Lesser Key of Solomon. To invoke him, his seal must be carved into metal and worn or can be etched into parchment or wax and burned. Nebiros also responds well to a mixture of brick dust, patchouli, cinammon and mastic. This spirit would be summoned to reverse the damages that have been done to you.
If it's justice you seek, I recommend the Egyptian Goddess Maat as she weighs the souls of mortals and decides their fates. There is a wonderful seal with instructions for a ritual in Lady Rhea's book The Enchanted Candle. These candles can also be prepared by me and ordered through my website.
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