Friday, June 12, 2009

Chestnuts & Cloves remedy Global Economic Crisis

Dear Lexa Rosean,

I have read some of your books that where released here in Germany. A lot of your magical spells I am testing.

In one of your books you describe magic how to win a court case too.

I have to appear in court next month, because my ex boy friend steal a lot of money from me. He is a would-be lawyer and it seams that he will win the court case, because there are not any evidences that he has taken the money. Only what I have told the police is the reason, why we have to appear in court. I have given him money before too, because he informed me that he as problems and need money. He promises that he will give back the money as soon as possible. I never got the money back, that I have given him.

When I am going to court I need something that the public prosecutor and the jurist believe my version of the case. You wrote that I need therefore a chestnut. There is no chance to buy some chestnuts now in the supermarket, because first when it is fall, I can buy it here in Germany. Is there any chance to take something that has the same magic like a chestnut?

I am looking forward to hear from you.

Best wishes


Dear Vinaceous

There is nothing that quite does the trick as well as chestnut so I would ask you to check if it is not possible to find canned chestnut stuffing in the market. If so, scoop some out on a spoon into a square of tinfoil. Fold up the tinfoil and gently carve a pentagram over the top of it and then carry in a pocket or purse when you go into the court room.

If this is not possible, you can use a mixture of rose, mint, and nutmeg. Can be oil or powdered dried herb/flower form. But with this, you would need to dust your hands and somehow touch your ex. (maybe you could shake his hand?) It forces liars to be exposed and/or come clean and ask for forgiveness. By touching him in the courtroom after you have dusted your hands with the potion, the prosecutor and jurist will be able to see through his lies. If you cannot touch him without raising suspicion or possible endangerment to yourself, then I recommend dusting a photo of him with the mixture on the night before your court date. You should also dust your hands with the powder in the morning before you go to court just in case you get an opportunity to safely touch him or even a chair that he will sit upon.
good luck and success in court.
p.s. you should also chew 3 cloves and then spit them out while calling out his name and the amount of money he owes you. Repeat this 3 times. It is an old spell to collect debts.

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