Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Love on Course

Hi Lexa,
Back in 2006 I made a love overture to this guy. I was unaware of the void moon of course. Two years down the road, I realized that when I made my overture the moon was void of course and all of the times we got together fell during a moon void of course. The last time we met was 5 months ago, we kissed and he told me he loves me but that was it. It was weird our relationship didn't move forward.

Is there a spell I can do to correct this? I also want to know what spell I can do to help me make me look strong and confident when we meet again. I like him so much but I tend to act nervous in front of him.

I dont know the year he was born but I know he's a Gemini and I'm a Libra.

Hope to hear from you.


Dear Cat
Thank you for your question. Before I give your answer, I just want to explain to my readers the meaning of void of course moon. This is when the moon is traveling between two astrological signs and so basically the moon becomes directionless during this short period. You can locate the void of course moons by using a good astrological calendar. The one I recommmend is Jim Manard's Celestial Influences.
In order to correct this problem, I suggest you make your next contact on a New Moon. The next one coming up will be on June 3rd and it is in Gemini which is great for communication.

As for the second part to your question, eating cherries is great for boosting the confidence. I would also suggest eating avocados for beauty and taking a bath in fresh mint leaves and orange peel to infuse your aura with strong sexy vibes. Please keep me posted on how it goes.
May Venus the Goddess of Love bestow you with her blessings

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