Sunday, May 18, 2008

Greetings Lexa,

Thank you for taking the time to read this as I know you get many questions. Here is my situation. I am a peaceful quiet person and I live above two people in my apartment building who fight constantly and when I say fight I mean they throw things, slam doors and scream at each other. I usually just ignore it but it escalated over the past few months when they started slipping notes through my door accusing ME of being loud I got mad. I have a one and a half month old daughter who is a calm, quiet little girl. She doesn't run and when she starts to I tell her to slow down, she only screams occasionally as children will do sometimes. She is a blessing. They recently told me in yet another note that she is to loud, runs way to much and screams to much. They themselves have a 7 month old child and they are saying my daughter is effecting his sleep, I question that when she is quiet and they have weekly screaming matches right in front of him? To add insult to injury they recently started lying to the landlord making up complaints about us. We already talked to the landlord about this and he is on our side as he knows of their loud fighting and what not, but my question is this. Is there a spell I can preform to get them to move? I thought about a binding spell to stop them from attacking us anymore but I want them gone, I put up with their disturbances and fighting but the last straw is when someone accuses my child of being loud when I have taught her to be quiet and when someone makes up lies about me. If there is any advice you can offer for my situation I would be so so grateful.

Blessed Be,

Stressed To The Limit

Your situation sounds pretty explosive and I would suggest that you immediately burn or sprinkle sage and lavender around the apartment to neutralize all the negativity and calm down this stressful and aggressive situation. Although I would not recommend a binding spell you might want to put their names in an ice cube tray filled with water and place in the freezer. This would 'freeze' them from taking any more negative action toward you with the landlord. I also suggest you try the Noise Spell. It is under the Fool section in my book Tarot Power. I also have several spells that would apply to your situation in my first book The Supermarket Sorceress. This book has recently gone out of print but you can find used copies on Amazon.
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Stressed To The Limit said...

Thank you so much for getting back to me so soon I do own your supermarket sorceress book so I will look through it again, and I will sage my home asap, this is a huge help to me thank you again so much I will keep you posted with the results. Blessed Be!

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aisling said...

Well this is timely--it is 4:50 AM, & I am up for the 3rd night in a row thanks to my lovely downstairs neighbor, who had a hissy fit when I requested that he stop vacuuming. So thanks Lexa for substantively answering my question before I asked! Bright Blessings to you!