Monday, January 07, 2008

Freeze the Enemy Within

Dear Lexa,

Hi. My name is Amy, I have a question concerning a Freezer Spell. I respect your wisdom, I have a copy of the Supermarket Sorceress and it has helped me many times, to balance and achieve some peace in my life. What I wanted to know is if its possible to do a freezer spell on myself? This may sound odd, but if it can work on those that wish to make you miserable or on an enemy I thought I would apply this logic to me because sometimes I stand in the way of my own happiness- if that makes any sense. I don't physically hurt myself but I want to rid myself of alot of negativity and pain that I have carried for so long, I have talked about this in therapy and tried to rid myself of feeling bad but its still nagging me a little and I would really like to be free of it once and for all. Do you think this is possible, and if so can things be added to the water, such as honey or sugar to maybe help my attitude or an herb for clarity? I really appreciate your time and consideration on this and any advice you could share I would be grateful for. Sincerely-Amy

Dear Amy
believe it or not, you are not the first to ask this question of me. Yes, I suppose it is possible to use the freezer spell to "freeze" or put on hold negative traits within yourself. The problem lies in the fact that using this spell (instead of a good banishing spell) will only put these issues at bay and not truly banish or heal them.
Since you have the Supermarket Sorceress book, please check out the Spell to Break a Bad Habit, Obstacle Remover, and Spell to Banish Negativity as they are more suited to your situation.
blessed be

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can you give me a frezzing water spell