Friday, August 24, 2007

Guidelines for Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

On August 28th, we will have a full moon in Pisces. It will also be the second total eclipse of the moon to occur in 2007. Witches believe that one should approach the lunar eclipe with caution and respect. It is a time for meditation and reflection and one will do best to seek wisdom and understanding during this influence. Although the Goddess instructs us that the full moon is the time of boons, it is advised to refrain from working magick for material gain during the eclipse. If you need prosperity, success, love, or some other wonderful wish, work your magick now. Have your spell, candle, chant, etc... complete by the 27th and use the actual day of the full moon (the 28th) for seeking the guidance and protection you need. And if you are in the right area, enjoy the view!

The beginning of the eclipse will be visible in North America, South America (except for most eastern part), Antarctica except for Enderby Land, New Zealand, eastern Australia, the extreme north east of Asia, the Pacific Ocean, and western Atlantic Ocean. The end of the eclipse will be viible in Australia, New Zealand, Australia, most of Antarctica except Queen Maud Land, Indonesia, easter Asia, western North America, Pacific Ocean, and southeastern Indian Ocean.

Moon enters penumbra 07:52 GMT
Moon enters umbra 08:50 GMT
Moon enters totality 09:52 GMT
Middle of eclipse 10:37 GMT
Moon leaves totality 11:22 GMT
Moon leaves umbra 12:23 GMT
Moon leaves pernumbra 13:22 GMT

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