Friday, June 14, 2013

Gender Bender

Johnny S writes: "Can you change my gender from a old man to young girl?"

Ok, Johnny - first of all, you are not only requesting a gender change but also an age adjustment. Very complex. And by the way readers, I get lots of email asking for spells to change gender and lots of emails requesting anti-aging spells. This is however, the first request for both.

A gender change requires physical and hormonal alteration and for this, one must seek out medical help. A gender change is also an extremely emotional undergoing and therefore one must seek out counseling, therapy, or psychoanalysis. A gender transformation is a great spiritual undertaking as well and this is the aspect that I can address.

In Greek mythology, the prophet Tiresias lived as both a man and as a woman and then he changed back into a man. According to the mythology, Tiresias came upon two snakes coupling in the road and he struck them. As a punishment, Hera turned him into a woman and he lived that way for 7 years until he once again came upon two snakes coupling in the road. This time, he struck them again (or according to a different version of the myth - did not strike them) and was turned back into a man. Tiresias was a priest of Apollo, so this is the god one should turn to for help with gender alteration. In addition to prophesy and many other things, Apollo rules the theater and costuming.  The idea of cross dressing, gender bending, drag kings and queens fits very well into the fold of Apollo's powers. He is also the god of medicine and father of the healing god Asclepius so the petitioning of Apollo should also help with medical aspects of this endeavor. The symbol of Asclepius is the Caduceus - sacred seal of healers.

 The Caduceus contains the magickal mating serpents and they hold the key to transformation. Work with this seal in meditation and magickal ritual (including seals and candle spells). Don't expect to wake up and find yourself transformed into the opposite sex but you can expect that working with these symbols and other aspects of Apollo's magick will facilitate your transformation into a smooth and successful one.

For age defying spells, check out the spell To Turn Back Time in TarotPower: 22 Keys to Unlocking Spellcraft, Magick, and Meditation.

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