Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Can I get you a cup of Chicory?"

Dear Lexa,

I have three books of magickal ingredients, spells, and rituals. I have owned your book of Magickal Ingredients since it hit the bookshelves. And I have these two questions regarding it.

1) In your book Chicory (bark and leaves) are viewed and used in a positive way. And in all the others it has very negative properties explained about this ingredient. I have stayed away from it for this reason for years. I was wondering if it can be used for both (good and bad) or if it needs to be used with caution in order for this ingredient to be positive?

2) Rooibos. I was wondering if this tea is useful for any specific purpose? (In spells, rituals, baths, etc.) Since it wasn't listed in your book and I have yet to find any other magickal information about it's properties. I felt compelled to ask you about it.

I wanted to thank you in advance for your answers and for your time. And I wanted to express my gratitude for your book as it has been invaluable to me!

Very truly yours,

Greetings Leigh

In my opinion, Chicory is an invigorating and most helpful plant. It's use has been recorded since ancient times for variety of positive purposes and enjoyment. It is possible that some may consider it negative because of it's bitterness? Also it was (maybe still is) used to kill intestinal parasites and is also deadly to the silk worm. Perhaps this is connected with it being negative? Certainly, if one were in the silk trade business - you would not want chicory anywhere near your crop.
Rooibos has healing properties and I would also suggest the use of it in magick spells for successful returns on financial investments.

I hope you find this helpful.
blessed be
Lexa Roséan

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