Thursday, May 14, 2009

Candle Spells and How they Work


Hi John
Each case is different concerning how long the spell will take to work. It depends on what you want and how clear your path is on the way to getting it. There are however traditional ingredients that can be added to any spell for fast results. (cinnamon is a favorite for speed). For the most part, you should feel some type of effect within a full lunar cycle (28 days), sometimes sooner. If no progress on your objective is made within that time period, it means you need a spiritual reading to analyze why it's not working. Perhaps you have approached the work incorrectly. Working spells without a diagnostic is basically the same as taking meds without getting a physical from a Doctor. There are also many different types of spells just as there are for example many different types of antibiotics. You have to find the one that you respond to best for good results. In addition, the answer to your question will depend on the nature of the spell. If what you want is a long term goal, do not expect it to work overnight. Generally these spells are more effective when done in phases. For example, if you need to lose over 75 pounds, you would do best to break that down to 3 candles asking for 25 pounds each. Don't expect to light one candle and wake up in the morning 75 pounds thinner. This is not how it works. Candle spells are a spiritual tool to guide you through real life work and action. They are most effective when worked with in this way. Finally, spells are like prayers. Some are answered. Some or not. Bottom line, this lies in the wisdom of God and Goddess.

In terms of my services, I offer candle spells and spell consults. A spell consult means an assessment of your situation and a personalized spell designed for you either with candle work or other methods. It does not mean however that I perform the spell for you. I strongly believe that the practitioner must be involved with the magick in order for it to be most effective. I also offer tarot and astrology and past life readings. In addition, I have written 11 books of spells and most are available through my website or on Amazon.
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