Monday, April 07, 2008

Ghost at School

It's me, Erma and my friend taslim. Wow! We're 11 and we're allready super into seances and witchcraft! Any spells to rveal ghosts or something? I have reason to believe that there's a ghost at my school. I saw the reflection of a orb on some metal. My email's not working properly so could you please post the answers on your site.

Thank You,

Erma and Taslim

Dear E & T
it sounds like you are aspiring ghostbusters - so the first thing you need to know is to be polite and respectful when dealing with ghosts and spirits. Most likely they are souls in distress and going through a hard enough time as it is. If there is a ghost in your school, you will want to burn a white candle and encourage the ghost to go to the light. Tell this spirit not to be afraid but to move toward the light. If this does not work, you will want to try to contact the spirit to see why he/she is not able/willing to move on. In this case, be sure to protect yourselves before conducting a seance. You can do this by anointing with holy water and/or consecrating the room and yourselves with the four sacred elements. Earth, air, fire, and water. Use salt to represent the earth element, incense for the air, a white candle for fire, and holy water or spring water. Since you are only 11, you should also ask for an adult to supervise your occult activities just incase you run into more than you can handle.
my blessings
Witch Dr Lex

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