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A Samhain Story Told on Halloween


We are on the Cape on a windy October day. It is the last day of October to be exact. She has promised me a fine meal in West Brookfield, Massachusetts. She teases me all through the drive saying perhaps they will make an exception on Halloween or Samhain as we witches call the day. We have a reservation at the Salem Cross Inn. Dorothy says that no witches are allowed inside the Inn. They have some kind of seal or hexmark on the door to keep witches out. She continues to laugh and insists they will not let me in. I am not laughing and wondering why I am even with this woman. The free airline tickets -  I remember. And then, yes – I settle back riding shotgun.

“We’ll see” I say.                                                                                              

“Yes, we will” she snorts, “and you won’t get in!”


I remember when she took me to Fort Mill, South Carolina gleefully anticipating that I would be horrified inside her church. Not Jim Jones but Jim Bakker and his PTL Club. It was summer of 1987 and Bakker had been banned from the church and was facing embezzlement and rape charges. He hadn’t been convicted and Tammy Faye hadn’t left him yet but Jerry Falwell had taken over the premises of Heritage USA. I, on the contrary, was fascinated. They were speaking in tongues during the service and I saw the Holy Ghost. Dorothy was pissed as hell that I saw or told her I saw the Holy Ghost - but I did see It. There was something…some kind of palpable energy…of some authenticity, there. Of course that did not make me want to convert, which was disappointing to her. Dorothy looked like Elvis (early 1977) but longed to be St. Augustine and make a good Christian of this lesbian witch. That was not to be.


Raindrops begin to fall as we pull into the parking lot of the Salem Cross Inn. The skies darken and open and it begins to pour. We run from the car to the shelter of the Inn. We stop short of the front door. There is the hexmark. Like a Roman numeral X or two triangles with a line drawn through the middle. I look at her. She stands back and smirks.


I summon the Goddess – Hecate of the crossroads - and place my palm flat covering and searing into the hexmark on the doorhandle. In that same moment, a crack of thunder and lightning hit the roof and a fire, a small fire breaks out on the roof of the Inn. It is quickly extinguished by the rain but all the lights are put out. I push open the heavy door and walk through crossing over the threshold of the Inn.


There is quite a hubbub in the place as wait staff run to and fro with candles to light up the now darkened dining room. I glance behind with a serious look and she follows me inside quite bewildered. We are seated next to a roaring fire in a fireplace which greatly warms me and helps us dry off.  We enjoy a fine meal by candlelight.

What do we eat?

Mulled wine. I make a libation to the Goddess in gratitude for my safe entry.

Chowder of the sea cooks in a cauldron (how witchy).

Prime rib smokes on a 1700’s roasting jack. That could have been me roasting, I think.

 I turn to being burned as a witch because it feels more comfortable than being hated as a Jew.

Hot cross buns, herbed roasted potatoes, and fresh butternut squash.

New England apple pie with fresh whipped cream.

Feels like a dream.

I am proud to be the first (known) Witch to be served an All Hallows Eve meal at the Salem Cross Inn.

I hope there have since been many more.

The Goddess was in the storm. The Goddess is always in the storm.

 I hold the honor to channel and draw her down.

Blessed Be. Blessed Samhain.


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HexFest in NOLA coming in June!!!

Lexa will be teaching two workshops at HexFest A Weekend of Witchery in Old New Orleans. June 3-5, 2016. Click on either photo below for more details. Check out full festival schedule and registration.
Supermarket Sorcery Workshop

Astrology and Tarot Workshop

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Black Friday Specials

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Black Friday Special
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Interview with Lexa on Priestess View Radio

Please join us on Monday Nov. 2nd at 9pm EST as we spotlight Lexa Roséan an American Wiccan high priestess and an initiated neo-Gardnerian Minoan witch, dancer and writer. Also known as the Supermarket Sorceress and author of The Supermarket Sorceress: Spells, Charms, and Enchantments Using Everyday Ingredients to Make Your Wishes Come, The Supermarket Sorceress's Sexy Hexes, Easy Enchantments: All the Spells You'll Ever Need , Power Spells: Get the Magical Edge in Business, Work Relationships, and Life, The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients: A Wiccan Guide to Spellcasting, Tarot Power: 22 Keys to Unlock Magick, Spellcraft, and Kabbalistic Meditation, Azuregreen Ency. of Magickal Ingredients. Please join us as she shares her wisdom.

Friday, October 30, 2015


You can order your copy through any of these links:
- on Amazon
- on Cosimo
- or an autographed copy through my website

Monday, October 12, 2015

20 year revised edition of The Supermarket Sorceress

The 20 year revised edition of The Supermarket Sorceress is out as an ebook and will be available on many other platforms as well. It will be out in print before Halloween!

Here's the Kindle:

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A terrific plug for my book, Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients, on the Cosimo Book Blog:

Saturday, February 01, 2014



Wood pixie said...
Be careful what you ask for. If you ask for a job candle from Lexa, be ready to get LOTS OF JOBS! That’s what just happened to me. It was extraordinary, like a dam burst and a whole bunch of jobs came pouring out. It became so extreme that at one point my boyfriend looked at me with an amazed look and asked how this could be happening. I told him that all I did was order a work candle from Lexa. Not only did I get jobs but exactly the jobs that I wanted, and they were pathways to even better work situations down the road.  I’ve ordered many candles from her in the past and they’ve all been amazing, truly great results, but this last one really made the record books.
February 1, 2014 4:34 pm

Atoosa Rubenstein said...
Anytime I meet someone at any sort of crossroads in their lives, I always do the same thing: scribble Lexa's name and number and say, "trust me." Lexa is the person I go to when I just need to have an answer. Lexa has told me about every major happening in my life way before it happened. She's helped me be able to dodge bullets left and right because of her amazing insight and advice. That's a big reason why I've always wanted to share her wisdom with my readers as well. When I was editor of CosmoGIRL!, Lexa had her own column and she continues to write for the readers of that magazine as well as my current magazine, Seventeen. Think about it: two competitive magazines can agree on one thing: Lexa is the real deal.
October 14, 2005 12:10 pm

Athena said...
As Hurricane Wilma set her sights on where I live in Southwest Florida, I made my preparations to weather the storm. With little time to spare, I realized that I wanted and needed a spell for protection. I could not find what I needed in the books I had on hand, so I contacted Lexa. She provided me with the information and instructions to cast a spell which would provide protection from disasters of a watery nature. With less than 24 hours to go before Wilma arrived, I followed all of Lexa’s instructions and felt assured that all would be well.

Wilma made landfall a mere 30 miles from where I live. And although damages were widespread, my home was untouched. I’m deeply grateful to Lexa for the guidance she gave me when I most needed it. And I thank her for caring enough to contact me after the storm had passed to see if I was safe.

October 30, 2005 7:40 PM

East Village Movements said...
Are you in need of clearing obstacles, freeing the financial flow, settleing some lingering thoughts of what happened? Need a Astrological understanding, Or are you with some curious questions for what will happen? energy cleansing candles or getting your foot pain out and the yankees alittle closer and better, Lexa has proven exact timely results, she's ON it like ConED and precise like swiss watches.
October 13, 2005 11:22 AM

Terry Iacuzzo said...
Lexa is the psychic's psychic. She's the one I go to when I need a reading. I've been a practicing psychic for over 30 years. I've met and consulted with many, many readers in my search for the authentic. Lexa is the best! Her wisdom, clear vision and magic are the most powerful of anyone I have ever seen anywhere. She has a golden heart and the knowledge of the ancients. I trust her guidance without question. We are all lucky to have found her.
October 15, 2005 10:38 PM

Melissa Reid said...
Hello Lexa!!
Greetings from Oklahoma. Mom & I made it safely out here.
I need to tell you about that candle you made to sell my home. I don't remember the exact date I lit the candle, but did so according to your recommendation. I listed my home on October 2, 2006 and had a CASH offer on October 6, 2006, with a closing date of 10/31/06. Even the realtor was amazed & said it had to be the candle. Never seen anything like it! So a huge thank you for that very special and wonderful candle.
Much love and thanks,
Jan 9 2007 6:44 AM

Syd from San Francisco, CA writes...
I guess I have been a client of Lexa for a at least a couple of years now and I must tell you. I have just NOW realized how the power of the candles can really work if you work with them. I believe they empower oneself to get out of ones shell and really reach for those positive things that the candle is doing with you not against you. The candles make me feel a bit stronger and sharper in some ways in my decisions, too. Its a kewl way of sending messages to the person or things you are trying to get across to. And when it works it works.. I highly recommend you, your family and friends to look into this "Candle Therapy" O yea..Lots of times the candles will talk to me in candle language and even make some noises--But that is another story...
Mar 26 2007

Steven Fried said...
As good a sorceress as you're likely to meet...
Having once known Ms. Rosean and having had my Tarot read by her I can certainly attest to her fortunetelling abilities. She is the only one who ever gave me a concrete and accurate prediction (to be specific she stated that, within three months, I would move and get laid -- both happened).
November 17, 2001

Judy Ucinski said...
Lexa had been a reader and advisor to me for 20 years. Such a history would seem to be testimony enough, but I will qualify. I have consulted Lexa for every important matter and major event of my life during these years. Yes, I work with other psychics, but I consult Lexa for the big stuff....when I can't afford to take a chance!
October 13, 2005 11:18 AM

Apryl Samuel said...
As a psychic & tarot reader myself, I had never before nor after allowed anyone to read for me except Lexa Rosean. For as any reader knows, you cannot read impartially for yourself. Her insightfulness, energy & talent raise the vibrations of this world and all whose life she touches. Eighteen years ago I was fortunate enough to have had Lexa read for me. She predicted the birth of my beloved daughter as well as several other events that would come to pass. In fact, I was so impressed with her awesome abilities that I named my daughter Lexa Eden, which means “The Law of Enchantment” in her honour.

Unfortunately, at that time in my life I was not prepared to hear the truth, but rather, I wanted someone to tell me what I wanted to hear and I did not heed all of her words. To this day, the effects of not following her sagely wisdom continues to reverberate in my life. You see, Lexa doesn’t pull any punches, she doesn’t sugar coat it, she won’t wrap it up in a shiny package and top it off with a bow. She’ll give it to you straight whether you want to hear it or not because its what you need to hear to effect the changes in your life to get yourself on the path you need to be on - she remains true to herself and her clients. I remain amazed & enlightened each time I consult with her. I consider myself fortunate to have had our paths cross in this lifetime. In a world of carbon copies, Lexa remains an original.
October 16, 2005 9:34 PM

libra10062001 said...
I have been using Lexa as my reader and advisor for more than 20 years. I started to see her in graduate school when I was going through a difficult divorce and had to make some important life choices.

Since that time I have always consulted Lexa on every important event happening in my life. Even if "nothing" seems to be happening, I always have a "birthday reading - solar return" so I can anticipate how to best deal with the coming year.

She has always been right in all of her predictions - even when they didn't seem relevant at the time.

She has helped me when I started a business, changed day-time jobs, invested in real estate, helped with the timing of the real estate market, romance and most importantly health.

During the past two years, I have been sick on and off and I didn't think it was ever going to end. I was blessed that nothing was serious but more annoying. Lexa finally sees an end and more excitement in the romance area. What could be better!

I am truly grateful for Lexa’s help in evaluating doctors - helping to narrow down what was Lyme Disease and all of her other advise over the years.

Although I am an astrologer and have been helpful to my clients, I rely on Lexa for my solar return and yearly advise. I also consult her when I am in crisis mode.

You can take her timing to the bank.

Love and Blessings
October 13, 2005 1:36 PM

Veronica said...
I feel very fortunate to know Lexa, and to be both a client and friend, for over 20 years. Her words of inspiration and stunning insight very often work as a mantra to what I know must be accomplished. Lexa does not pull any punches. She listens and hears what is beyond the words, just as she sees into the cards and into your chart, beyond mere symbols.

That great psychological machine, which is the tarot, operates at its best, in her extremely capable hands, heart and mind. There is no doubt that Lexa will give you a reading you have been waiting for all your life, and will also give spiritual comfort and guidance for you to attain the best, the most you can.

Do not drive with the headlights turned off. Lexa will give you not only the "light" by which to see the road, but a map, tokens for the toll booth and a cup of hot cocoa. In other words, the entire way to where you want to go.

Thank you Lexa, for a lifetime made better by knowing you.
October 13, 2005 8:53 PM

Anonymous said...
Regarding the recent Post: Village Voice chooses LEXA as

(1) YOUR HOUSE/APT. HUNT SPELL FROM BOOK 1 HAS HELPED ME BOTH TIMES I DID IT!!! Even within the PRICE I specifically asked for and meditated on (and in an area where landlords ask and get 100’s more for the same sized space!) :)

(2) plus the car protection spell to make my car “invisible” to thieves and whatnot.

(3) And, I did a group “eggsterminator” spell with female friends to remove obstacles - most “fruitful” time of my life shortly afterwards: lead part, in very funny and fun show, convenient “bread and butter” job becoming more flexible to suit the performing preferences, lots of fun romance and socialness, much needed repairs finally come together for the rented apartment – after 2 years of prior problems.

(4) And, I’m convinced I’m still alive today b/c I DAILY keep the three bay leaves in my left pocket to ward off the evil eye & ill wishes of my insane obsessive stalkerish ex - & my California tarot reading pal even confirmed that the freaky ex did TRY to set a curse on me, and I did have a “bizarre” car accident and fall off a horse with 10 days of such “phone call” but I’m still walking/talking/laughing today despite the negative crazy jealous zealous karmically icky cursing freaks out there sadly amongst us! :) Goddess help them - for the ten-fold effect will eventually catch up with them...
congrats, sweetie!!! :)
love you! Blessings!
Best Always,
October 13, 2005 12:00 am

Anonymous said...
Lexa is our East Village treasure -- just being around her is enough to calm the nerves and relax in the toughest situation. The readings have always proven to be true, and I particularly thank her for accurately clarifying the circumstances at hand every time and for having just the right remedy (that works!!!) on all occasions!

Big hug from the West Side
October 14, 2005 4:18 PM

Monday, August 19, 2013

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Friday, June 14, 2013

Gender Bender

Johnny S writes: "Can you change my gender from a old man to young girl?"

Ok, Johnny - first of all, you are not only requesting a gender change but also an age adjustment. Very complex. And by the way readers, I get lots of email asking for spells to change gender and lots of emails requesting anti-aging spells. This is however, the first request for both.

A gender change requires physical and hormonal alteration and for this, one must seek out medical help. A gender change is also an extremely emotional undergoing and therefore one must seek out counseling, therapy, or psychoanalysis. A gender transformation is a great spiritual undertaking as well and this is the aspect that I can address.

In Greek mythology, the prophet Tiresias lived as both a man and as a woman and then he changed back into a man. According to the mythology, Tiresias came upon two snakes coupling in the road and he struck them. As a punishment, Hera turned him into a woman and he lived that way for 7 years until he once again came upon two snakes coupling in the road. This time, he struck them again (or according to a different version of the myth - did not strike them) and was turned back into a man. Tiresias was a priest of Apollo, so this is the god one should turn to for help with gender alteration. In addition to prophesy and many other things, Apollo rules the theater and costuming.  The idea of cross dressing, gender bending, drag kings and queens fits very well into the fold of Apollo's powers. He is also the god of medicine and father of the healing god Asclepius so the petitioning of Apollo should also help with medical aspects of this endeavor. The symbol of Asclepius is the Caduceus - sacred seal of healers.

 The Caduceus contains the magickal mating serpents and they hold the key to transformation. Work with this seal in meditation and magickal ritual (including seals and candle spells). Don't expect to wake up and find yourself transformed into the opposite sex but you can expect that working with these symbols and other aspects of Apollo's magick will facilitate your transformation into a smooth and successful one.

For age defying spells, check out the spell To Turn Back Time in TarotPower: 22 Keys to Unlocking Spellcraft, Magick, and Meditation.

Monday, February 06, 2012

Herb Substitutions?

Hi Witch Doctor!
I just found a spell that I was interested in doing but it called for using a bluebell, preferably the fresh whole flower, but could also use the dried flower. Since it is February and bluebells aren't blooming yet, I looked online to see if I could buy any. This appears to be a very rare commodity! I couldn't find it anywhere. This made me wonder something. If I absolutely can't find a real herb that I need, what if I painted a picture of it or used a photo? I'm sure it should be possible in this case (and probably in most cases) for me to find a replacement herb and for that, I'll check out your Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients (which is SO AWESOME) but I was just curious if paintings/photos are ever used as substitutions.
Thanks most excellent Witch Doctor!
~night wanderer

Hello Night Wanderer
Before long, I think you can wander about and see the bluebells popping up so there is also the possibility to WAIT for the correct season to gather the fresh flower for your spell. With regard to bluebell, there are many different varieties. Are we talking good old Texas bluebell? Scottish or English Bluebell, which apparently should not be confused. The bluebells are in the genre of Hyacinthoides, so if I were looking for a good substitute, I would suggest pure Hyacinthe oil which should be easier to obtain. In terms of substitutes, we need to examine the reason one is using the ingredients. For example, if you wanted the bluebell flowers for it's medicinal properties (to mix in a tea for example and take internally), I would not suggest Hyacinthe oil or a picture or painting but rather a corresponding herb that has similar medicinal properties to the herb you cannot find. However, if you were using for an emotional, psychological, magickal effect - it would be fine. For example, bluebells bring happiness. Hyacinthe oil is also uplifting and summons creativity. Often the visceral experience is important, so I would suggest a substitute than you could smell or touch or taste or feel. The eyes are certainly an important tool of the senses and the visual is very powerful so in this case, a photo or painting might spark the magickal feeling you are trying to summon. I would suggest for optimum effect that you obtain a blue candle, annoint it with hyacinthe oil and place a painting or photo of bluebells next to the candle or even carve an image of bluebells onto the wax. I imagine this will be a very powerful solution.
blessed be

Saturday, July 09, 2011

7 Day Candle Question

Hi Witch Doctor,
I was wondering, I know that 7 day candles are supposed to be burned in seven days, which means they're supposed to burn all day and night, right? But I'm scared of burning my apartment down! I think you wrote or said once that you could put a 7 day candle in the bathtub when you leave the apartment just to soothe your mind about lighting the place on fire. Was I dreaming or is the tub ok? Do you put the whole altar in there too or just the candle? Then do you just put it back on the altar after the tub?!
Thank you!
little wood pixie

Dear little wood pixie

This is a great question, not only for the obvious reason of not creating a fire in your apartment but also because you don't want to create any mental stress or anguish when working a candle spell. You must have peace of mind and allow your energy to be directed toward the successful completion of the spell. Any worry will detract from that. Most importantly, always practice SAFE HEX!

When working a candle spell at home that you want to burn continuously- the first rule of thumb is to use precaution and not create a fire hazard. That means to place the candle in a fireplace, sink, or bathtub when you are sleeping, not at home, or not attending to the candle. Do not move the whole altar into that space (especially if you are using a tub). When you return home or wake up, you can move the candle back to the altar. Do this each time with intention of bringing your magick home or closer to conclusion and fulfillment of your objective.

7 day candles traditionally burn for 7 days but they can burn in a shorter or longer period. Also they do not have to burn continuously although that is recommended especially if the magick you are working on needs constant and vigilant attention and you want the spell to complete as quickly as possible. For example, if you are working a healing candle spell, most likely you will want that energy 'burning' 24/7 to bring a complete healing as soon as possible. However, if you are burning a business spell candle in an office, you want to focus that burning time and direct it toward the business hours. Therefore you will want to light the candle first thing as the workday begins. You will then want to snuff* the candle out at the end of the business day and relight the next morning.

For more information on candle spells please visit this link. You can also order dressed candle spells on my website.

blessed be and thanks again for your excellent question

*It is considered bad luck to blow a candle out. Use a candle snuffer or lick your fingers and pinch out the wick with your thumb and forefinger. Also remember not to move the candle glass until the wax has hardened. Lastly, your magick candle must BURN TO COMPLETION. Even if you believe your magickal purpose has been obtained, you must let the candle burn to completion.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Can I get you a cup of Chicory?"

Dear Lexa,

I have three books of magickal ingredients, spells, and rituals. I have owned your book of Magickal Ingredients since it hit the bookshelves. And I have these two questions regarding it.

1) In your book Chicory (bark and leaves) are viewed and used in a positive way. And in all the others it has very negative properties explained about this ingredient. I have stayed away from it for this reason for years. I was wondering if it can be used for both (good and bad) or if it needs to be used with caution in order for this ingredient to be positive?

2) Rooibos. I was wondering if this tea is useful for any specific purpose? (In spells, rituals, baths, etc.) Since it wasn't listed in your book and I have yet to find any other magickal information about it's properties. I felt compelled to ask you about it.

I wanted to thank you in advance for your answers and for your time. And I wanted to express my gratitude for your book as it has been invaluable to me!

Very truly yours,

Greetings Leigh

In my opinion, Chicory is an invigorating and most helpful plant. It's use has been recorded since ancient times for variety of positive purposes and enjoyment. It is possible that some may consider it negative because of it's bitterness? Also it was (maybe still is) used to kill intestinal parasites and is also deadly to the silk worm. Perhaps this is connected with it being negative? Certainly, if one were in the silk trade business - you would not want chicory anywhere near your crop.
Rooibos has healing properties and I would also suggest the use of it in magick spells for successful returns on financial investments.

I hope you find this helpful.
blessed be
Lexa Roséan

Thursday, August 05, 2010


Hi Lexa!
I keep forgetting to ask this question and I thought I'd send it to your email specified on your blog... there's a ritual I've been doing for the past year to get rid of negative energy and bring in positive energy. I've been careful to do it not too close or far from either the full or new moon, and made sure to not do it during the moon void of course. I've also tried to pay attention to the significance of the day I chose, and also the time. Whew, lots of stuff to think about! But then there is one more thing. I'm wondering if it must be done under the moon do I have to also pay attention to the rising and setting times of the moon? Or is it just as good to do it when it isn't visible? Anything else I'm missing? I mean, I've definitely felt the great effects of this ritual, it's one of my favorites if only as a reminder to be positive because after all, I did that ritual. But I was just curious for a while if I should also take into account the rising and setting. I was trying to anyway because it's more enjoyable to see the moon when doing something that involves her, but with all of the other considerations plus work time, etc, it can become quite difficult to schedule!

Thanks Witch Doctor!

Greetings g

this is a wonderful question and I love the thought and attention you pay to your rituals. With lunar rites, the rule is to use a waning moon (full to new moon period) when working to banish negative energy and to use a waxing moon (new to full moon period) when trying to invoke positive energy.

Lunar rituals are definitely more powerful when performed under the light of the moon (or at moonrise not moonset). Often it is not possible to perform the rite under the light of the moon. (and there could be multiple reasons for this such as: your schedule, a cloudy night, new or dark moon rites, location limitations...) The rule of thumb is that once you perform the ritual (even if not under the light of the moon), you must track the moon and connect with it's energies until the end of the cycle in which you performed the ritual. For example, if you did a ritual to get rid of negative energy during a waning moon, you should look for the light of the moon at least 3 nights after the rite. Watch it's light diminish and as it does, so will your problem diminish. If you perform a ritual to bring positive energy on a new moon or growing moon, track the moon and watch it grow. Try to connect with the full moon of that ritual cycle so you can visualize your positive situation coming to fruition.

In the case of your ritual, there is a dual purpose and so it is more complex. In my opinion, you should do the ritual on the first day or evening (or at moonrise) of the new moon because the moon is still dark and therefore a perfect time to get rid of negative energy. Then on the second day of the new moon (or 3rd day), look for the first sliver of light in the sky and visualize your positive energy growing. In fact, you could even track the moon all the way to full and connect with the abundance of positive energy and light that you want to invoke into your life.

I find that the Hebrew lunar calendar is the most comprehensive, accurate, and spiritual to work with. The Rosh Chodesh (New moon) is a sacred time and will always be marked for two days on the calendar. (You can even download it on your iCal) The first day being the dark period or beginning of light not yet visible to the eye and the second day revealing the first visible sliver of light. The witches usually say to begin positive rituals 24 hrs after the new moon and that is because they are only counting the first day as the new moon day. In my experience, the first new moon day represents the conception. The second day is the birth of the light. Anyone wanting to give birth to a healthy baby, concept, project, relationship, business venture, etc would certainly want to make sure there was nothing negative present in the conception and in this way safeguarding the actual birth.

A word about the days of the weeks...Monday is sacred to the moon (Lunes) but if you follow the new moon calendar, your ritual will fall on different days of the week. I think this is a good idea because each day of the week coincides with a different part of the life. By performing your ritual on different weekdays from month to month, you can remove negative energy and bring positive energy to different areas of your life. Let the new moon inform you which day of the week is best on any given month.

The new moon days for this month are August 10 and August 11 2010. The first new moon day falls on a Tuesday. Tuesday is Mars and deals with our aggression and our sexual energy. It also relates to our health. Work on removing any negative energies in those areas of your life. The second new moon day falls on a Wednesday. Wednesday is Mercurial and governs our creativity, our art, our neighborhood, our siblings and social lives. Focus on bringing positive energy into those areas of your life for August.

Much continued success with your moon rites and thank you for this wonderful question.

love & light

Monday, May 17, 2010

Book Review published on
about "The Encyclopedia of Magickal Ingredients."

Here is the link to the article. Thanks to Linda Ashar for the great write up:-)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

George Vecsey (NY Times Sports on Sunday) speaks with Lexa on Breaking the Jet's Curse


Sports of The Times

On Road to Super Bowl, Sprinkle Some Eye of Newt.

Published: January 16, 2010

Observe the angst of Jets fans. They are hopeful. They are fearful. More fearful than hopeful.

Wenjie Yang

A lifelong Jets fan, Mark Williamson, with a witch, Lexa Roséan, performed a ritual in Times Square on Dec. 3 to support his team. It has lost only once since.

Amidst all the quavering — waiting for mud to entrap the Jets in San Diego on Sunday — only one Jets fan has done anything concrete about the 40-year absence from the Super Bowl.

Mark Williamson staged an exorcism.

It is not clear exactly what he was exorcising, but some Jets fans have convinced themselves that the team is caught up in some curse, which sounds a little grandiose to me.

I think there are only so many curses to go around. I am perfectly willing to believe the Red Sox labored under a curse after letting Babe Ruth go to the Yankees for the 1920 season. It is quite likely that the Nets have been fated to lose in a ghastly swamp since ditching Julius Erving. The Cubs? That billy goat hex always sounded a little spurious to me.

But the Jets — excuse me if I offend anybody — just seem to be a generally mediocre team to which bad things happen from time to time. Then one January, there was Joe Namath.

Whatever it was, or is, that ails the Jets, Williamson was willing to do something about it. Williamson is a freelance video producer who happened to be born into a Jets family. As he said on Friday, if he had been born into a Giants family, he would have witnessed three — count ’em, three — Super Bowl championships in his 37 years.

Instead, at an early age, he witnessed the nimble Jets playing in Miami in 1982, when a sudden bog materialized in the Orange Bowl, and Richard Todd threw an interception to A.J. Duhe. To this day, if somebody in the Williamson family wants to feel particularly miserable, he or she just mutters A. J. Duhe.

This year, Williamson became an activist when the Jets hit a slump in midseason. He engaged the services of a witch named Lexa Roséan, who lives in Manhattan and says her coven of witches “did something” for the Mets in October 1986. Something to do with the withered ankles of Bill Buckner? She didn’t say.

Her father played some football back in Florida, Roséan claimed; therefore, she knows a bit about that sport. “Football is a much cleaner sport than baseball,” she said Friday. “Baseball has all kinds of weird superstitions.” Right. Just ask Moises Alou, still psychically standing down the left-field line in Wrigley Field, waiting to catch a long foul fly.

When Williamson had a consultation with Roséan, he said something about a vague Jets curse.

“Of course, that is open to interpretation,” Roséan said. “But the Jets were definitely blocked. As witches say, we had to uncross their path.”

She proposed that Williamson stage the ritual under a full harvest moon in early October — at a crossroads — so he chose the banks of the East River near his home in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. A brisk wind, however, blew out the candles. Can’t exorcise 40 years of no Super Bowl without candles.

This time, Williamson selected the crossroads of the world — Times Square in Manhattan. There are some of us who think Times Square needs its own exorcism of the chain stores and suburban-mall blandness, and a return of our traditional sleaze, but that is another story.

The ritual took place at about 6 p.m. Dec. 3, a day after the full cold moon, and hours before the Jets’ game against Buffalo in Toronto.

“We wanted to send the love,” Williamson said.

Roséan said the ritual was “pretty straightforward” to please the god Legba, or Elegua, as he is variably known. A petition. A chant. Candles. Three coins. And three mint candies, preferably red, but since this was for the Jets, Roséan proposed using green-and-white mints, the team colors.

Roséan was unable to attend the ritual because she had the flu. Who knew witches get the flu? Anyway, Williamson did what he was told, twirled around a bit, received hugs from passing brothers and sisters, dropped the coins, dropped the mints.

That night, the Jets beat the Bills, and they have since lost once and won four, two of them gifts from the gods — or rather from opposing coaches who did not field their best teams.

Wondering what the Jets’ trouble was over the last four decades, Williamson and Roséan hit on the absence of a strong male figure, ever since Namath’s knees gave out. Lately, they have decided that Rex Ryan, the beefy, wisecracking head coach, is the charismatic man the Jets have been lacking.

“There is one side effect,” Roséan said of the winning streak.

I never miss the opportunity to play straight man to a witch.

Yes, ma’am?

“I’ve fallen in love with the Jets,” she announced, having watched two recent victories. She plans to watch somewhere on Sunday but cautioned Jets fans not to leave it up to the candles and the coins and the mints.

“As a witch, I often counsel people, ‘You are the magic,’ ” she said, adding, “That last little ingredient.”

Williamson is preparing for Sunday, practicing the Jets’ chant: “J-E-T-S! Jets! Jets! Jets!”

It must be fun to be a fan. Or miserable. Or both.